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Liao Taiquan

Liao Taiquan, Guangdong Kabb industry Ltd,Co.,vice–director chief technology majordorno professor , is national expert of outstanding contribution、the receiver of enjoying special government allowances, the tutor of mater post graduate students. Mostly take up research and design of the techincs and its equipment of physical and chemical handle high turbidity sewage at the same time he also takes up the research and design equipment of industry frog air pollution handling For 30 years, Liao Taiquan leads to complete the “seventh five” key development project of the State Economic Commission、machine department key science and technology task、the 22 research task of environmental protection departments and State Science and Technology Commission. Among them , 11 of them reach the standard of advanced level in the country, and 3 of them reach the world level. SPR high turbidity and high thickness sewage purified and the reuse technology designed in US institute acquired the US patent.

Liao Taiquan was appointed as the director of National found Acad environmental protection technology committee(China delegate),China mechanical engineering Acad found Acad director double director of National found environmental protection committee, From 1984 to 1991,He is the routine commissary、provincial model worker. The inventions invented by Liao Taiquan has acquired National technology progress prize, State Environmental Protection Administration best practical technology and The US patent. He was audienced for many times by the leader of our nation. When he secretary Hujintao knew of the SPR technics acquired the US patent. He sent congratulation letters to Professor Liao Taiquan and encourage him to bring it back to China to develop, State Environmental Protection Administration also sent special letters to Liao Taiquan. For returning to motherland, Professor Liaotaiquan gave up the rich treatment and take upon himself the science fruit and cooperate with Kabb company to create a new world for China water conservation and environmental Protection career.

In 1984, delegating China read out papers in Portugal international learning conference,

In 1992 delegating China to readout papers of environment protection in Brazil

The secretary Hu Jintao payed great attention to technology talent and to SPR technics.

He audienced Liao Taiquan many times.

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